68,319 Tech Acronyms The MASTER Tech Acronyms List

Do you ever get confused by acronyms?
If you are anything like me then you probably don’t even realize that there are thousands of tech acronyms out there.
Acronyms are words that are formed using the initial letters of other words.
For example, if you wanted to say "I’m hungry", you could say "I’m hu".
This would mean that you are hungry.
However, if you said "I’m hu" to someone else, it might sound strange because it’s hard to understand what you meant.
This list contains 68,319 tech acronyms.
Each acronym has been explained and includes its meaning and usage.

Tech Acronyms List (Tech Words)

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Add Your Tech Acronym to the Tech Acronyms List

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To Be, or Not to Be: Mysterious Tech Acronyms

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