6 Ways to Fix Your Phone Only Charges When It’s Off

Do you ever find yourself charging your phone only when it’s off?
If so, you might want to check out these 6 ways to fix your phone only charges when its off.
If you’re having issues with your phone only charging when it’s off, there are a few things you should try first.
These tips will help you get your phone back to normal.

Your Phone Only Charges When It’s Turned Off

If you have a smartphone, you know how frustrating it can be when your phone only charges when it’s turned off. This happens because smartphones run on batteries, and when the battery runs low, the phone turns itself off. But if you’re using your phone while charging, you’ll notice that the battery drains faster than usual. So what can you do about it? Here are six ways to fix your phone only charges when its turned off. 1. Charge While Using You can charge your smartphone while using it. Just plug in your charger into the wall socket and turn on your phone. As long as you’re not using your phone, the battery won’t drain.

#1 Slightly Adjust Your Phone’s Charging Port

Your phone’s charging port is where the cord plugs into the phone. If you’ve ever plugged in headphones or a USB cable, you probably noticed that the port was slightly different from other ports. That’s because the port is designed to fit snugly around the cord. If your phone doesn’t have a special port, you can buy a universal adapter to convert any regular headphone jack into a charging port. 2. Use a Battery Case A battery case is basically a portable battery pack that fits onto your phone. A battery case gives you extra juice when your phone needs it. Plus, it protects your phone from damage.

Here is a very simple method for correcting this issue:

#1 Slightly Adjust Your Phone’s Charging Port Your Phone’s Charging Port Is Where The Cord Plugs Into The Phone. If You’ve Ever Plugged In Headphones Or A USB Cable, You Probably Noticed That The Port Was Slightly Different From Other Ports. That’s Because The Port Is Designed To Fit Snugly Around The Cords. If Your Phone Doesn’t Have A Special Port, You Can Buy A Universal Adapter To Convert Any Regular Headphone Jack Into A Charging Port. 2. Use A Battery Case

fear not and read on!

If you’re using a case, you’ll need to remove the battery from the phone. Then, plug the charging cable into the port on the back of the case. This way, the phone won’t drain any power while plugged in. 3. Charge It On An AC Power Source If you’re lucky enough to have access to an AC outlet, plug the charger into the wall socket. If you don’t have access to an AC source, you can charge the phone via a car adapter.

#2 Clean Your Contacts

To clean contacts, you can either use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol or a contact cleaner. To clean your screen, you can use a microfiber cloth. 4. Turn Off Wi-Fi And Data Connection Turn off Wi-Fi and data connection if possible. This will prevent unnecessary data usage.


#3 Use A Good Screen Protector A good screen protector is important because it protects your phone from scratches and cracks. It also helps protect your phone from dust and dirt. 5. Keep Your Phone In Its Case

#3 Check Your Charger Cable

6. Clean Your Phone Regularly 7. Do Not Leave Your Phone On Charge While Sleeping

#4 Check Your Battery

1. Make sure your phone is fully charged. 2. Turn off the screen saver if you have one. 3. Remove any battery covers from your phone. 4. Avoid using your phone while charging. 5. Don’t charge your phone overnight. 6. Use a good quality charger. 7. Keep your phone away from water.

#5 Optimize Your Charging Source

1. Charge your phone on a desk or table. 2. Do not place your phone near a window.

#6 Turn Your Apps Off

1. Make sure you have enough power in your battery. 2. Avoid using your phone while charging.

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